Senior Project
Everything for Senior Project can be found in the folders above:

*Writing Warm-Up:  Daily writing warm-up entries are posted at the end of each week
*Handouts:  Activity Worksheets, Writing Assignments, Collaborative Editing and Revising sheets, Rubrics, etc.
*Lesson Plans:  Plans for each week, so you can look ahead or look back in case of an absence from school
*Prezis:  Need to look back, revise or take notes from class? Look here!

Welcome to Senior Project!
Senior Project emphasizes the importance of the writing process and how personal experiences, views, and opinions can strengthen a piece of writing.
  Throughout your journey, you will consider the broad themes of Community & Society, move to the The Family, and end with the most specific - The Self.

seniorYou will have to opportunity to create your own learning experience and explore some of your own interests throughout your writing pieces.  You will be compiling a Final Portfolio complete with a Work Log, Final Drafts of various types of writing, and the components for your oral presentation.