Everything for Biology can be found in the folders above:

*Bellwork:  Daily Bellwork entries are posted at the end of each week
*Handouts:  Guided Readings, WebQuests, Key Idea Review Sheets and Study Guides, activity worksheet, etc.
*Lesson Plans:  Plans for each week, so you can look ahead or look back in case of an absence from school
*Prezis:  Need to look back, revise or take notes from class?  Look here!

Welcome to Biology!
Biology, like all other sciences, is a process of discovery. Throughout your journey, you will discover and explore the web of life, current research and discoveries in the scientific world, and how science influences your everyday life.

The life sciences are changing in ways that have important implications for high school biology. Many of these changes concern our understanding of the largest and the smallest living things. We will need to understand these changing fields in order to be healthy and responsible citizens and productive workers.

Understanding biology begins with the appreciation of the diversity, the structures of living systems, and how organisms carry out their life functions. In this class, you will work to build the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology.