Pre-Calculus A Syllabus

Madison High School
Mrs. Ibrahim

 Supply List: 

• You will need a spiral notebook for taking notes. 
• Your textbook.
• A folder to keep your assignments/quizzes organized. 
• A pencil!! I do not want to spend 5 minutes of class time waiting for anyone to find a pen/pencil to use. That will not be tolerated!

Student Expectations: 

All students will follow the 3 P’s. 
Punctual – You will be on time and ready for class.
Polite – You will be respectful to me and to your classmates.  
Prepared – Bring all of your math supplies. 

Attendance/Tardy Policy: 

• If you are absent, do NOT ask me what you have missed because homework will be posted on your class poster on a weekly basis. 
•  In order to get homework for missing 3 days or more because you are going out of town, I need to be notified a week in advance!
•  You need to be in the room, NOT IN THE DOORWAY, when the bell rings or else you will be marked tardy!

Parent Zangle Connect: 

Your parent/guardian can access parent zangle connect to see if you have any missing assignments and your grades.  To receive your log in and password, please email Teresa Thienel at

Students can also use this log in and password and check on a daily basis how they are doing in their classes!!!   


My policy this year will require that a student be allowed a hall pass only three times per semester and only to go to the rest room, library, office, locker, or to a special education tutorial.  Passes will NOT be allowed the first and last fifteen minutes of class.  Hall passes are each worth 2 percent extra credit and will be collected before the semester’s final exam.  Student’s can earn a total of 6 percent added to their final exam grade!! Also, one person at a time is allowed to leave the room. 

Student Disciplinary Procedure: 

There are several actions that will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.  Here are common examples: 

-         Using foul language in my class or even in the hallway  

-         Sleeping in class

-         Refusing to work on IN-CLASS assignments

-         Socializing rather than completing class work 

-         Walking out of the classroom without a pass

-         Being insubordinate by not doing what the teacher asks

-         Using teacher desk, computer, or closet WITHOUT permission

-         Does not have class supplies (pen/pencil, notebook/paper, textbook)  

-         Lining up at the door and waiting for the bell to ring

-         Refusing to give phone when caught texting in class

-         Having food/beverages in the classroom (Water is ok) 

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

I have a very strict policy for cell phones/electronic devices in my classroom.  Students should NOT have their cell phones/ipods/cameras in my room.  These devices should be kept in their locker and not on their belt buckles or pockets.   In other words, if it is visible, it will be confiscated.  If it is in your pocket and it accidently falls out, it will still be confiscated.  In other words, it does not matter even if you were not texting or if you were just checking the time. 

In-Class Assignments

You are responsible for completing the homework even if you are not present in class. Do NOT ask questions on problems you haven’t tried.  Homework and quizzes go hand in hand.  If you practice problems by a quiz if you are not working on your in class assignment.  If you do not participate in class note taking or are not actively working on your assignments in class, you will NOT be allowed to take a quiz.  ALL math classes at Madison High School will not be giving points for homework.  


Extra help is available during lunch, during 3rd hour, or after school. You may come in anytime for help from Monday through Thursday.  I will have an appointment poster available on a weekly basis and you will be responsible for signing up and making an appointment!!


Grade Distribution  

Semester Grade is determined from:            

1st Card Marking


2nd Card Marking







90% of card marking grade will come from quizzes and 10% will come from participation